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At Topglass we have a host of both inhouse and out-sourced colour processes available. Colours in varying degrees of opaqueness and transparency can be achieved for a multitude of applications whether intended as an artistic centre piece or as a standard building material. It is also possible to partially colour in order to create different patterns, effects and finishes.


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Our main product ranges are all suitable for colour processing including glass facades, glass balustrades, lift shafts, lobbies and the Pilkington Profilit system. We can advise and offer guidance on selecting the right method of colour processing for every environment taking UV stability, fade and weather resistance into consideration.

Paint treatments, colour washing, enamel frits, laminated or annealed vinyl inserts can be utilised to achieve full or partial coloured effects. For a more bespoke design digital ceramic printed glass can reproduce any high resolution image, design or pattern.

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