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Curtain walling is a lightweight, non-structural component which delivers high performance.

Curtain Walling for Building Envelopes

Curtain walling systems are a perfect construction material where large expanses of glass are required within exterior walls which are not intended to be load bearing. Curtain walling is a modular component which can be unitised off site reducing site times and costs. We have a robust and long standing direct supply chain which allows us access to systems from the industry leading curtain walling manufacturers. Topglass can provide a number of curtain walling solutions which deliver thermal efficiency, security, structural integrity, prevention of water ingress, integrated drainage and ventilation.


Curtain walling is widely used in a huge variety of applications and sectors. It is popular in industrial builds, commercial and office developments, retail and leisure.


Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on curtain walling. 

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Curtain Walling at Primark.jpg

Curtain Walling Facade

Curtain walling forming part of building envelope for Primark store

Curtain Walling at Jaguar Land Rover.jpg

Curtain Walling Windows

Curtain walling side windows as part of car showroom for Jaguar Land Rover

Curtain Walling at Adelaide Street.jpg

Interior Curtain Walling

Curtain walling as part of interior design for office development

Curtain Walling at Pearse Lyons.jpg

Curtain Walling Facade

Curtain walling facade for Pearse Lyons Distillery

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