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Profiled Glass Experts - Our Team

Our positive, solution led approach has earned us a robust industry presence and bred strong relations with supply chain, business partners and most importantly within our own team, having a shared ethos and passion for our materials and exceptional projects. 

Our culture has encouraged individual successes. Our long serving staff members have grown along with the company, established in 1992, and are respected as experts in the delivery of profiled glass projects.

We have been supplying profiled glass projects in Northern and Southern Ireland for over 20 years. Having taken on additional resources and obtained a new supply chain agreement with Pilkington, we extended our operations to the rest of the UK in 2017, where we have already been supplying the market with our other glazing products.

Profiled Glass Llanelli

Profiled glass at LLanelli Leisure

Pilkington Profilit Reglit at James Weir


  • Warehouse & Installation - Our warehouse teams are expertly trained in the precise handling, cutting and processing of profiled glass. Our UK wide installation teams have many years experience fitting a wide variety of profiled glass applications and delivering workmanship of the very highest quality.

  • Combine Your Glass Packages - Topglass also deliver many other glass installations including curtain walling, facades, partitions and balustrades. Speak to us about all your glass requirements to reduce the amount of subcontractors, streamline operations and receive a competitive quote for all your needs.


Topglass provide a complete, hands on service tailored to suit the individual needs of our architects and clients.


  • Samples - We provide a free profiled glass sample service which you can order online here.

  • Specification - A great many varieties of profiled glass specifications are available our team can advise on the perfect glass type for your project.

  • Technical Advisors - Our team have over twenty years experience delivering U-profiled glass projects and their extensive knowledge on installation, building standards and fulfilling performance requirements can guide you through your design queries.

  • Site & Contract Management - Our operations teams are long serving and have extensive expertise in delivering profiled glass projects on time and to budget.

Profiled Glass - Our Facilities

Topglass profiled glass operations are based out of our considerable warehouse and showroom. These facilities allow large quantities of profiled glass to be stocked off site prior to commencement of works as well as a quick turnaround for shipment to site. This site also benefits from glass processing facilities enabling a quicker turnaround on bespoke products such as custom sandblast designs or coloured profiled glass products - see our bespoke profiled glass.

Pilkington Profilit Profiled Glass by Re

Profiled glass at Topglass Office and Warehouse Facility

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