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Glass used as a non-traditional material, such as glass floors, glass stairs and rooflights can achieve a contemporary design

Glass in Non-Standard Designs - Glass Floors, Glass Stairs & Rooflights



Glass floors are a contemporary design solution when visibility or the transference of natural light is required across multiple levels or floors. We can provide specification advice on a range of glass floor products including structural glass floors, glass floor viewing panes or glass floor lights. Various design considerations should be made when specifying and installing glass floor products including; structural integrity, glass floor loadings, structural movement, impact resistance, thermal performance and anti-slip finishes for walk on glass floor structures. We can also advise on weather resistance for external glass floor applications. Our glass floors are available in multiple thick layers of glass to a heat soaked, toughened and laminated specification.


Glass floors in a residential or working environment can improve daylighting properties, increasing access to natural light and reducing required usage of artificial light. Improved access to natural light, as can be provided by increasing glass components, such as glass floors, can provide us with more Vitamin D and help support our natural circadian rhythms.   


Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on glass floors, glass floor panes or glass floor lights.   



Structural glass stairs add a high end and clean, minimal feel to any setting. Glass stairs can be created in various forms whether using glass as the core material with minimal non glass fixings, incorporating glass stair risers, glass stair balustrades or as glass stair treads themselves. Similar to glass floor applications, particular attention should be given to loadings, structural integrity, movement and impact resistance with specialist anti-slip finishes applied to the glass stair surface.


Glass stairs, glass stair risers and balustrades can also be finished to a custom coloured or decorative specification.


Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on glass stairs, glass stair risers or glass stair balustrades.




We can supply and install custom architectural rooflights as well as standard spec rooflights. High performance structural glass can be specified for the creation of non-standard rooflight structures. We have the ability to create bespoke multisided rooflights where a larger rooflight structure is desired.


Rooflights can help to conserve energy by reducing the need of artificial lighting sources. Rooflights are frequently incorporated in daylighting designs providing a good source of natural light filtration as well as ventilation. Our rooflights are installed to a high performance specification with considerations made for drainage, thermal performance, safety and security.    


Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on rooflights.

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Rooflight at Cambridge.jpg

Glass Floor Panels

Outdoor glass floor panels within residential setting

Glass Stairs in Retail Setting.jpg

Glass Stairs

Fully glazed, structural glass stairs within retail environment

Glass Stairs in Residential.jpg

Glass Stairs

Glass stairs with glass balustrade and affixed handrail

Glass Rooflight Residential.jpg

Glass Rooflight

Custom structural glass rooflight for domestic building

Glass Stairs at Bedford House.jpg

Bespoke Glass Stairs

Bespoke glass stairs, glass staircase and doors for Bedford House

Glass Stair Risers at Stewarts Hosptial.jpg

Coloured Glass Stairs

Coloured glass stair risers for Stewarts Hospital

Glass Floor in Restaurant.jpg

Glass Floor

Illuminated glass floor within high-end restaurant setting

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