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Glass balustrades offer a contemporary and aesthetically neutral barrier solution.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades can offer area segregation and level change barrier protection with minimal obstruction to view. This allows areas to flow and create wide open spaces whether the glass balustrades are specified in an internal or external environment. Glass balustrades can be used to create staircase, mid height partitions or balcony walls.


We provide various options in glass balustrades. Not dissimilar to our facade glass, glass balustrades can be frameless, perimeter framed, bolted or post fixed. Our in-house team can guide design and specification of your glass balustrade system to ensure the right materials (from toughened and laminated glass) in suitable thicknesses, dimensions and install options are selected for every individual environment. We can advise on building regulations for glass balustrades, both in commercial and private residential settings, and on required loading capabilities.


Frameless glass balustrade systems consist of structural glass bolt fixed or set within a recessed or exposed channel. This option involves no posts, if required the glass balustrade is able to support a handrail. The result is a contemporary, minimalist finish. The alternative to our frameless glass balustrade systems sees glass used as an infill within framing, for example architectural metal or timber.  


 Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on glass balustrades. 

Glass Balustrades Topglass.png


Glass Balustrades at Tropical Ravine.jpg

Glass Balustrade for Stairs

Glass balustrades to staircase at Tropical Ravine in Belfast

Glass Balustrades at Victoria Square.jpg

Glass Balustrades Set to Curve

Glass balustrades at Victoria Square by Topglass

Glass Balustrades at Sketrick.jpg

Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades with handrail affixed

Glass Balustrades at Primark.jpg

Glass Balustrade for Level Change

Level change glass balustrade around escalator area for Primark store

Glass Balustrades at Sligo.jpg

Glass Balustrades in Residential Setting

Glass balustrade within residential development in Sligo

Glass Balustrades at Stewarts Hospital.j

Glass Balustrade at Stairs

Glass balustrades around stair cases for Stewarts Hospital

Glass Balustrades at Mercedes.jpg

Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades at upper level for Mercedes Belfast

Glass Balustrades at Kellys.jpg

Glass Balustrade for Exterior Environment

External frosted glass balustrades within restaurant environment for Kelly's Atlantis in Portrush

Glass Balustrades at Kilrea.jpg

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades within domestic interior setting

Glass Balustrades at Hollywood.jpg

Curved Glass Balustrade

Curved glass balustrade creating an elliptical shape for residential installation

Glass Balustrades at BMW.jpg

Glass Balustrade with Railing

Glass balustrades supporting an affixed railing at BMW Belfast

Glass balustrade installed to outdoor rooftop by Topglass

External Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrade for outdoor rooftop area

Glass Balustrades at Cambridge.jpg

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless glass for minimalist effect to staircase

Glass Balustrades at CDE.jpg

Glass Balustrade for Atria

Glass balustrade at atrium area on multiple levels for CDE Global Head Quarters

Glass Balustrades at Audi.jpg

Glass Balustrade with Railing

Glass balustrades supporting an affixed railing at Audi London

Glass Balustrades at Adelaide.jpg

Glass Balustrade for Offices

Glass balustrade for upper level and stairs at Adelaide Street Offices

Glass Balustrades at Bedford House.jpg

Glass Balustrade for Bespoke Glass Stairs

Glass balustrades forming part of bespoke glass stair case

Glass Balustrades at Bank House.jpg

Glass Balustrade Balcony

Glass balustrade for outdoor balcony area at Bank House


Glass Balustrade with Railing

Glass balustrades supporting an affixed railing at Angel Central in Islington

Glass balustrade at Angel Central Shopping Centre

External Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrade for outdoor stairway at Angel Central Islington

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