Pilkington Profilit Low Iron White Glass Type Combinations


  • Cast - Translucent dimpled 'frosted' surface

  • Clear - Transparent, no visible ornamentation

  • Macro - Dotted, 'net-like' finish.

  • Slimline - Fine linear pinstripe grooves

  • Wave - Dramatic very visible curved contours


  • Full Sandblasting - To internal face of profile

  • Partial Sandblasting - For decorative designs



  • Low E - Improve U-Values

  • Antisol - Improve G-Values


  • Bomb Blast Filming

  • Wired - Longitudinal safety wires

  • Toughening - Available on non wired products

Pilkington Profilit Low Iron U-profile White Glass

Low Iron U-profile glass is white or extra clear in appearance not having the green properties seen in the original range.

The low iron product range was introduced to satisfy an architectural desire for a neutral aesthetic able to complement a host of environments and other building materials.


Pilkington Profilit Low Iron U-profile White Glass - Light Transmission

Low Iron U-profile glass allows for favorable levels of light transmission up to 90% and lends itself to projects where daylighting properties or a high level of vision are desired.

Production of Pilkington Profilit Low Iron U-profile White Glass

Low Iron U-profiled glass is produced on state of the art furnaces designed solely for this purpose. Manufacturer Pilkington has dedicated one of its facilities for the sole production of the low iron U-profile glass version of the Profilit glass in order to produce white low iron U-profiled glass of the highest quality with increased production capacity while production of the standard glass continues at Pilkington's existing facilities worldwide.


Due to the use of raw materials with low iron oxide content during glass production glass produced in this state of the art manufacturing facility has a white aspect not having the inherent green tint of the standard production glass.

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