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Glass partitions and glass screens can be used to create glass walls, workstation pods or protective barriers.

Glass Screens & Glass Partitions for Area Dividing

Glass partitions and glass screens are a robust and functional partitioning solution. With a neutral aesthetic, glass partitions and screens can be incorporated seamlessly into any interior design project or refurbishment. Glass partitions can be utilised for area segmentation and can span floor to ceiling. Alternatively glass screens can be fixed to existing mid height structures such as work or reception desks. Our glass screens and glass partitions can be specified to a straight or curved radius and can be rake cut to follow stair lines or slanted ceilings for example.


Glass partitions and glass screens are resistant to wear and tear and rigorous cleaning regimes therefore their surface and optical properties are not easily tarnished over time. Custom colours or finishes can be utilised for decorative glass screens or glass partitions. It is possible to achieve various levels of opacity whether you are looking for a transparent glass partition with optimal viewing properties or a more opaque finish for privacy glass screens.


It is also possible to incorporate swing or sliding glass doors with our glass partitions to create glass pods or rooms. Doors can be fixed to our structural glass screens with minimal visible non-glass fixings.


 Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on glass partitions and glass screens. 

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Glass Partitions Forming Pods at BMW.jpg

Glass Partitions

Glass workspace pods using glass partitions and doors for BMW

Glass Partitions & Screens at Primark.jpg

Glass Partitions & Glass Screens

Glass partitions and glass screens by Topglass are utilised in various Primark stores

Glass Partitions at Audi.jpg

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions for area division at Audi, London

Glass Partitions at Berkley Hotel.jpg

Decorative Glass Screen

Decorative Glass Partition Screens at Berkley Hotel

Decorative Glass Partition at W Hotel London.jpg

Bespoke Glass Partition

Bespoke glass partitions for W Hotel London featuring both transparent and opaque effects

Glass Partitions Forming Pods at Mercedes.jpg

Glass Partition Pods

Glass partitions forming meeting room pod for Mercedes

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