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Glass lift shafts are a modern, attractive alternative to an enclosed design

Scenic Glass Lift Shafts

Glass lift shafts have revitalised the architecture behind enclosed elevators. Lifts can now be seen as an attractive design feature where they may previously have been viewed only as a necessary access vehicle. Glass lift shafts have a number of performance, aesthetic and end user benefits. Glass lift shafts can create an attractive focal point, particularly in an atria setting, designs can include illumination of the glass lift shaft internally or incorporate colour treated glass to complement surrounding materials and interior designs. Scenic glass lift shafts afford the user an impressive view whether used internally or externally and can reduce feelings of claustrophobia. In the case of an emergency within the elevator carriage itself, glass lift shafts have the added benefit of a clear visual. Topglass can also provide fire rated glass for use within glass lift shafts and our technical team can assist in the correct specification in line with European standards.


Many of our high performance glazing systems and fixing methods are compatible with glass lift shaft design. Bolt fixed glass is popular in glass lift shaft applications due to having minimal visible non-glass fixings. It is also possible to use frameless methods to construct structural glass lift shafts. Our in-house CAD and technical teams can assist in the correct specification of glass lift shafts to ensure all performance requirements such as calculated loadings, impact resistance and anticipated structural movement are met.


Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on glass lift shafts.

Glass Lift Shafts Scenic Glass Lift Shaft.png


Scenic Glass Lift Shaft CDE GLobal.jpg

Coloured Glass Lift Shaft

Vanceva orange glass lift shaft at CDE Global

Bespoke Ceramic Printed Glass Lift Shaft Castlehill.jpg

Decorative Glass Lift Shaft

Ceramic printed bespoke decorative glass lift shaft

Glass Lift Shafts Primark.jpg

Coloured Glass Lift Shaft

Coloured glass lift shafts feature at various Primark stores

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