Pilkington Profilit Original Glass Type Combinations


  • Cast - Translucent dimpled 'frosted' surface

  • Clear - Transparent, no visible ornamentation

  • Macro - Dotted, 'net-like' finish.

  • Slimline - Fine linear pinstripe grooves

  • Wave - Dramatic very visible curved contours


  • Full Sandblasting - To internal face of profile

  • Partial Sandblasting - For decorative designs


  • Amethyst - A blue aesthetic coating

  • Low E - Improve U-Values

  • Antisol - Improve G-Values

  • Colour Coating - Available in any colour with various transparency levels available


  • Bomb Blast Filming

  • Wired - Longitudinal safety wires

  • Toughening - Available on non wired products

Pilkington Profilit Original U-profile Glass

Pilkington Profilit Original U-profile glass range has been utilised in architectural design and construction for over 50 years.


The glass is available in a variety of finishes and textures with varying translucency allowing for the passage of natural light while some of the more opaque finishes provide a level of privacy.


Pilkington Profilit Original U-profile Glass - Favorable Performance Options 

The Pilkington Profilit glazing systems can provide favourable performance figures with the capacity to be coated or insulated to achieve good thermal and acoustic performance.

Production of Pilkington Profilit Original U-profile Glass

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Pilkington Profilit Original U-profile glass is manufactured in Pilkington's St Helens facility making it the only U-profiled glass currently on the market exclusively manufactured in the UK.


In 2017 Pilkington made the decision to segregate the production of their two main ranges, the original range and the low iron composition range. By separating these production runs Pilkington has protected the integrity of both glass types ensuring the highest standard of glass is produced and eliminating any down time during production which would be necessary to change between glass runs. The popularity of Pilkington's trusted original product and the new low iron range is such that they are committed to the increased production of both providing the highest aesthetic and performance quality, consistency between batches and a quick turnaround. 


We pride ourselves on realising challenging glass designs and bringing project visions to life. We achieve this by continually adding new products to our remit and applying innovative installation techniques.


Where others see problems, we provide solutions.

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