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Frameless glass windows and structures create the optimal ‘shop window’.

Frameless Glass for an Unobstructed Visual

Our frameless glass systems are designed with little to no visible framework which render them perfect for inclusion within a high end retail, office or commercial setting. Frameless glass windows and structures are a contemporary architectural feature of a specialist nature which require precision engineering and attention to detail from specification to installation to ensure correct and safe usage.


Various techniques can be used to achieve a ‘frameless’ aesthetic including retaining glass at the head and sill with any glass to glass joints silicone sealed for a very minimal seam between panels, or by using structural glass and high performance structural silicone. Our in house technical advisors can advise on the right frameless glass product specification to fit your design requirements.


It is possible to construct frameless glass walls, windows, doors and even staircase structures with minimal non glass fixings.


 Contact us now for specification advice or pricing on frameless glass. 

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Frameless Glass at Jaguar Land Rover.jpg

Frameless Glass Car Showroom

Frameless glass as part of car showroom envelope for Jaguar Land Rover

Frameless Glass at Porsche Centre.jpg

Frameless Glass for Curved Envelope

Frameless glass set in a curved formation for Porsche car showroom

Frameless Glass at Audi.jpg

Frameless Glass Interior Pods

Frameless glass forming interior pods for Audi London

Frameless Glass at Bedford House.jpg

Frameless Glass Staircase

Glass staircase constructed using frameless glass and bespoke fixing methods

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Visit our main Topglass website for further information on the full extent of our product offerings and services.

Contact us directly for further information on specification, technical advice and performance requirements. Our technical advisors will be happy to help whether you have an initial enquiry or already have a project in mind.

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